The following people are registered for The Dead Cat Bounce and the Wall of Worry

Name Member? Expires In
Sal Accardo yes 08/14/2019
Lois Alimonti yes 09/09/2019
Harding Bancroft yes 08/02/2019
George Elling yes 08/17/2019
michael fisch yes 01/08/2020
Gillian Hettinger yes 09/06/2019
Normsn Hettinger yes 09/06/2019
Hans Heuberger yes 08/02/2019
Jerry Jamin yes 08/02/2019
Karen Linden yes 10/04/2019
JoAnn Luning yes 03/07/2020
Mary Elizabeth Rogers yes 01/14/2020
John Stimpson yes 04/01/2020
Barbara Vasaturo yes 09/11/2019
Sally Vaun yes 08/02/2019
Michael Weiss yes 09/11/2019
Andie Williams yes 08/30/2019

Total Students: 17

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